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Tramel Connectors, 2 and 4 pin connectors, Connectors with multiple colors, Two pin, Four pins, Tramel connectors in automotive industry wire connections

TRAMEL'S 2 and 4 Pin Polarized Sub-Miniature Connector Cables are the industry standard and are used by almost every automotive electric tool manufacturer in the world.

We are 100% in compliance with RoHS and EU Directive 2002/95/EC

2 and 4 pin Polarized Subminiature Wire Connectors

RoHS and EU Directive 2002/95/ED 100% Compliance. Two and four pin, Polarized Subminiature Wire Connectors from TRAMEL, Inc. Products include tramel connectors with red, green, white, black, and brown

These connectors are used on Transducers both Torque and Force styles; Wire Harness; Cable Assemblies; Circuit Boards, Fastener Tools. They also are used on Testing and Analyses Equipment; Optical Inspection and are also specified on the F16 and F18 aircraft.


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